Logo & Branding

Collett Auctions is a new local auctioneering business in Southern Indiana. They came to us to help them get their business started in the right direction. We started with creating a logo and branding that reflected Collett Auctions in color and style. We love how the branding turned out, from the professional lettering to the masculine, but warm colors of the logo.

Website Development

Collett Auctions was looking for a simple one-page website to showcase upcoming events. We took this idea and ran with it, creating a one-stop page for events, future opportunities, and a way to tell their story. The website has room to grow down the road, but met the business’s current budget and business goals. 

Marketing Materials

Like any good business, Collett Auctions was looking to market their new business to the community. We worked with them to create signage and business cards that maintained their newly branded image and gave a great first impression within the community.

Email Management

We were also able to provide a branded email and help them set it up in a way that was easy for them to check and maintain. This system allows them to stay in touch with potential clients, as well as provides another method to share events.

Social Media Pages

Clients love seeing a business with a unique social media presence. For Collett Auctions, we created a start-up Facebook page where they could share events and unique items up for auction. We were then able to use the branding to create starter social media graphics for Facebook, including a header image, profile image, and a few primary page posts to launch their new social media presence.


Client: Collett Auctions

Location: Huntingburg, IN