Logo Creation

The 323 Creatives team created a branding package for Come to Crawford, a community initiative aimed at keeping their residents and visitors informed of area businesses, resources, and events. Crawford County, Indiana is full of outdoor recreation with caves, lakes, forests, and rivers to be explored and enjoyed so we designed a logo that reflected those attributes. The blue in the logo represents the sky or water, while the green in the logo represents the forestry, with the unique tree cutout into the A. 

Website Development

The website is a free tool for area businesses, residents, and visitors to utilize and see what is happening in their community. We designed the website to be collaborative with the community, allowing them to post events and job openings. We created signup forms ahead of the website launch to capture business interest and info to be included on the website. The site launched in 2020, during the COVID pandemic, so while there weren’t as many events and things happening, we have been successful with pushing this tool out to area businesses, non-profit organizations, and residents to be utilized. 

Digital Strategy & Advertising

Community tools like this take time to be engrained into people’s minds as a tool and resource to recall. We have created a digital strategy to keep the website at the forefront of their minds to utilize for years to come. 



Client: Come to Crawford

Location: Crawford County, Indiana