Digital Strategy & Advertising

Indiana Caverns first came to us for Digital Advertising and Marketing Consultation. Since 2018, Buehler Designs, now 323 Creatives has been strategizing digital advertising campaigns to maximize foot traffic to their tourist destination. Our team prepare the video artwork, graphic artwork, and content for their digital campaigns and placed them. 323 Creatives also analyzes the data and prepares monthly reports for Indiana Caverns.

Website Development

In addition to placing digital ads, 323 Creatives also launched a brand new website in June of 2020 for Indiana Caverns. The goal of the new website was to replace an outdated CMS system and increase organic SEO and user experience with the new site.

Email Campaigns

In Fall of 2020, our team also began writing and preparing email campaigns for Indiana Caverns to boost special promotions and increase shoulder-season traffic to their property.

Client: Indiana Caverns

Location: Corydon, Indiana