Logo Creation

The Sara project is one that helps women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy and are unsure what to do next. We wanted the branding to reflect a sense of peace and hope, while also celebrating a new life. We chose a palette in muted tones of pinks, blues, and yellow. The font style is easy to read, but also has a feminine touch with the curve on the “R”. 

Client: Sara

Location: Bosnia

Website Development

From the photos chosen to the simplicity and ease of navigation, everything about this site is meant to convey ease and hope. Our team really enjoyed working on this site and working with the organization’s team to understand the heart behind this project.

It was the first website we’ve built that was in a different language than English. While that was harder than we anticipated, we’d sign up for the challenge again!   

Marketing Consultation

 Three23Creatives provided advice and expertise to the Sara Organization to help them form a cohesive brand and voice. The organization wanted to create an overall feeling of hope and comfort to women in crisis pregnancy, so we worked closely with them to make sure this project was just right.