Website Development

The Table Logix website was first launched in 2017 by the 323 Creatives, formerly Buehler Designs, team. As anyone in business knows, websites require constant maintenance to stay relevant and reach the target audience. We’ve assisted Table Logix over the years as their business and sales goals have shifted to keep a modern, professional, and educational website about their services and products.

Social Media Management and Digital Ads

In today’s digital world it’s so important to reach your consumers where they are. By creating and maintaining a presence for Table Logix on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, we help them achieve that kind of connectivity. Our team prepares all their social media content, highlighting their furniture products and design services. We schedule the content to the various platforms accordingly to maximize visibility. Our team also does market research on appropriate hashtags for maximized reach, stays up to date on new social media algorithms, and incorporate paid ads as their budget allows.

Product Brochures and Price Lists

Having materials your sales team can use to marketing and showcase your products is imperative for business growth and success! These items, coupled with the website, are your business’s first impression to the public. We were so happy to work with Table Logix to modernize their first impression and show off their amazing talent for creating beautiful furniture made in the USA.

Price Lists are tedious, but necessary, as they contain hundreds of products with thousands of numbers! We created a streamlined process to take the busy work off the Table Logix team and make the process more efficient for future price list updates.

Client: TableLogix

Location: Evansville, Indiana